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Health and fitness is about more than just meals

This N That Fitness understands the importance of combining a healthy diet with the physical activity and mental wellness

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A bit of This N a bit of That

This n That Fitness is a newly established business in Delaware launched in 2018, but our team has years of specialized experience in the nutrition and wellness industry. If there is one thing that we take seriously, its health, of both the body and the mind. We believe in a holistic approach to wellness that should include all aspects of the body and its functions.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients a unique blend of both diet and physical activity to maximize and optimize the transformation of your old self into the new self you’ve always wanted to be. With health-conscious means provided easily and conveniently with free local delivery, we take the stress out of fitness. We also believe in doing our part in the community, as all our leftover food is donated to local charities.

Let's work together to help you achieve your goals and make healthy living a reality for all.

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A few things that my clients say

  • “The Fish was outstanding. Loved it all”
    Lili T.
  • “The lemon Pepper Chicken was delicious and perfect”
    Y. P.
  • “I had to stop myself from eating all the meals at once it’s so delicious”
    Erik S
  • “I’m always on the run so sitting down to a delicious home cooked meal is such a treat.”
    G. P.
  • “It’s way too good to be healthy, yet I know it is. Sign us up for weekly orders!”
    Lexi S.
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